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子曰:“志于道,据于德,依于仁,游于艺。” 《论语·述而》 The Master said, “Set your heart upon the Way, rely upon Virtue, lean upon Goodness, and explore widely in your cultivation of the arts.” The Analects 7:6 子曰:不曰坚乎?磨而不磷;不曰白乎?涅而不缁。 But is it not said, that, if a thing be really hard, it may be ground without being made thin? Is it not said, that, if a thing be really white, it may be steeped in a dark fluid without being made black? - Confucius "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein We seek not to imitate the masters; rather we seek what they sought. - Far Eastern philosophy 夫唯不爭,故天下莫能與之爭。 - 老子 须知人之所以生,要以自食其力为本根,以协同尚义为荣卫。所贡献于群众者不啬,斯群众之报施我者必丰。藉势倚权,常与祸构,不可为也。故求其可恃莫如学,势可踣也。学不得而闷也。今学者每期期焉,以学不见用为虑,而不以致用不足为忧,窃以为过矣。不知学无止境,致用亦无止境,有生之年,皆学之日。其受用处,非根器浅薄者所能知,亦非佻达纨绔者所能任也。诸生方盛年,志高而气锐,将欲厚其积储以大效于世耶?抑将浅尝自放以侪于俗耶?是不可不审所处矣。诸生勉乎哉! ——王道元

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