Zaina Madmoj


In life, we have our ups and downs. In our ups, we celebrate and enjoy. In our downs, we cry, grieve and get hurt. We fall in love, we make mistakes, we grow. But in every single moment in life, we have lessons to learn. Every time we experience something, we learn more and more each day. This is the beauty of life. Do...n’t let your mistakes deprive you of experiencing more. Don’t be afraid to take risks! Life is too short to spend with too much caution! Sometimes, throw your worries to the wind and let go. Be yourself, and take action! Do something you’ve never done before. Stretch your limits! But always keep your virtues intact. That’s the only way you’ll be able to experience the fullness of life ♥ .. ! "Nothing is true and everything is permitted." "But life is for living, not for sitting at home, hoping not to catch the common cold because it might harm your death age or whatever. It's about having fun and living life to the full."

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