Zaira Nicole Wolsthom


"Ohh isn't this exactly where you like me- Panic! at the disco "If you do not like your ideas .. HAVING stop them!"-Ginger Fitzgerald "You can be sick, I'll be nasty cos sometime it's more fun to fight- Slash "Sorry, I forgot my feelings in my other pants"-House "You may note realize it when it happens,but a kick in the teeth maybe the best thing in the world of you'- Walt Disney "I drunk and you are lucky!" "Frozen inside without your touch,without your love darling only you're the life among dead- Zaira "You know something is wrong in your mind when you dream with your own photo demon and you're scared," Zaira "Sorry, I was just playing Raining Blood on Guitar Hero ..."-Zaira "Pancakes and ice cream, maybe with nutella if i'm feeling..dangerous-Zaira "It is absourd to divide people into good and bad.People are either charming or tedious.- Oscar Wild "Wonka it's a Genius- Charlie in The Chocolate Factory "If you are not the solution ... you are the solute.

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