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"God has a really big eraser." -billy zeoli when you know your bf completely & totally understands you: "babe, i was watchin' jimmy fallon & drew barrymore or someone i think it was her, was wearing these black, baggy trouser pants & i was like hey- that's something davee would wear!" -teek. i <3 my bf coz he KNOWS my stylleeee.. SO PROUD.!!! "I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love..." -mother theresa "...in no other country on Earth is my story even possible.." -BARACK- MR. PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!! "When you are overwhelmed with the immensity of your own pain and suffering, remember: Reality and Truth are larger. Even in the depths of despair, if you allow your heart to remain open, light will continue to flow. Our attachment to struggle and suffering is often stronger than our clinging to pleasure and desire."-the daiLy GURU. "my PASSION is all-consuming. i sleep, dreaming about what i've done that day." -matthew williamson. <3<3<3 "when you're really stressed in a situation, breathe in l<3ve & breathe out fear.. it works." -elle macpherson. "within the war we are all waging with the forces of death, subtle and otherwise, conscious or not-- i am not only a casualty... i am also a W A R R I O R." -- audre lorde. "i want to know the thoughts of god; the rest are just details." -einstein "whoa. did you see her? i'm sorry, but those are some terrible titties." -mr. west hahahhah, i love 'ye.!!! but look into my civil eyes i'll sing you all some civil lies and take you from your civil lives and show you that im civilized NEARLY...-jemini

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