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Everything you can imagine is real -Pablo Picasso 우리가 어떤 목표없이 인생을 허송세월한다면 그 일생은 물론 단 하루라도 인생의 존귀한 것도 모르고 말 것이다. 인생이란 설명보다도 성실히 사는 사람에게 저절로 터득되는 것이다. 먼저 아침 식사 때에 조용히 감사하며 자신의 성실을 자각할 수 있어야 한다. 인생은 흘러가는 것이 아니고, 성실로써 내용을 이루어 가고있는것이다. 인생은 하루하루를 보내는 것이 아니고 하루하루를 내가 가진 무엇으로 채워가야 하는 것이다. -J. Ruskin I think the great artist are the ones that are really brave enough to lay themselves bare. It's not about putting something on to become a character, it's about sort of stripping down and exposing yourself which can be extremely difficult. And often bringing something from your life that's happen to you whether you're joyful or tragic can really help with the character, just with the feeling of a ballet, but it can be really difficult to do that because you're really exposing yourself and if you really go deep to what that felt that like and risk rejection or risk people not liking it, that can be a really hard thing to do but I think in the end, you're generally much more successful when you're brave enough to let down all your barriers and let who you truly are on the inside come out. I just drive everyday to become a better artist, a better dancer, and I guess the more I can develop myself artistically that's the most fulfilling thing for me. and I'd love to one day considered a great artist, a great actress, a great dancer. -Jillian Vanstone from National Ballet of Canada 지칠땐 잠시 쉬어도 괜찮아. 하나라도 제대로.

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