Ynnep Deadfly


You can KEEP IT REAL it is not a CHAOS MTYH. Don't be a LIAR. YOU’VE BROKEN MY HEART. Don’t BREAK MY STRINGS. Even if you’re already on the BORDERLINE, give it your 100%. SHAKE IT DOWN, MY SWEET BABY. You’re no LIVING DOLL. [YOUCAN DO] EVERYTHING! Don’t care even if they try CONVINCING you that you’re a CRAZY BOTCH, ET CETERA. Look at your REFLECTION… AND I KNOW you’ll see a golden heart and ROSEBLOOD. JUST look around you. The ANSWER IS NEAR, LOST AND FOUND the ANSWER IS CLEAR! WHEREVER YOU ARE NEVER LET THIS GO, LETS TAKE IT SOMEDAY. Cause we are NO SCARED when NO BODY’S HOME, we wil REMAKE a RIOT!!! YAP I am a ONE OK ROCK fan! YES I AM! And that is what its like TO FEEL THE FIRE.

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