Yasmin Andrews


"Everybody want to be segregated but there destination is the same location. Heaven that is. They say hell is hot so in Heaven we chill." Bryant Andrews Jr This ain't no tall order, this is nothin to me Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us. Heck Yeah!! "Where they do that at?" "Honey" "One thing about the situation is this" "Still Standing" Scotty: I love you fat momma~ Me: I love you to loser~ ME: «insert random comment» Nichole: yasmin I swear something wrong with you Bryant:Where you at?What you doing? Who u wit? Me:home,nothing, da kids! Can I get a hey baby 1st dang Scott!lol Facts are facts and they won't change based on your feelings!!! Ryan:~Shut the fuck up yazi! Me:~oh I'm bout to! Ryan:Yazi y u not talking to me Me: you said shut da F up! Jared:~Yasmin how's you best friend Me:~Youre fine Jared:~Not me ur friend Me:~im sorry I don't got time for dat drama filled Passions episod Jared:~Oh ok well just pray for em! "It ain't no love without hate. It ain't no peace without war. It ain't no madness without the sadness." Razah Rubiez

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