Sarah Brooks


"We breathe in time. We bleed through second chances. Believe inside, that nothing matters if everything just stays the same." ~Path Less Taken "Tonight I'm freaking out again. Tonight I'm thinking so low. All I wanted was a friend. All I've got is no one. Tonight I'll sleep alone. I won't sleep at all. My heart isn't alive." ~Lost In The Woods "I need forgiveness from the people I truly care about. I need support behind my back to help me spit it out. I'm gonna win. I can't afford to blow this one." ~I "And if had just one more day. I'd tell you everything...everything I had to say. I miss you. And if I had just one more day, I'd show you one last thing. Honesty believes in fate, 'cause fate is what I've gained." ~Birthday "Season's change. The fallen rain will wash the pain away. Make amends to help understand how to live today." ~April Suits "Save us from ourselves. We're at a loss of words while preaching that we can't be heard. The image staring back at you is what you hate. You don't truly think forgiveness is on the way. Seven years you lost for breaking one mistake. Ingrown." ~So Eager "I've found no religion, but I still have faith. I've made some decisions, but I'm following my fate. I'm not so indifferent. Everyone is the same. We're all just opinions that extinguish the flame. No opinion, since no view is true." ~No View Is True

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