Anna Garcia


My Homegurl n I made this up cuz we were gonna make a parody a long time ago lol:P by my homegurl I mean Kassandra osea K-so;) she has been there for me and i can act like me with her and I know that no matter how I act (Hyper && Weird) she will love me just the way I am. She has always understood my situations and doesn't judge the things that i've done (Good or Bad) She has an amazing personality, is very lazy and sometimes talks like a white girl lmao:D I LOVE YOU KASSANDRA<3 If i were a boy i would climb up a tree, piss everywhere i wanted not caring what others would think. if i were a boy i would piss on a tree, climb everything i wanted not caring what other would think... lol kassandra and i made this up:P

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