Anna Bourak


In brightest day, in blackest night / No evil shall escape my sight / Let all who worship evil's might / Beware my power, Green Lantern's light! Manhar: "I will speak ukranian like i have a PhD in it!" Shannon: "... atleast I have a face." Anna: "...well atlast I know how to use my face." o_O!!! Camping! Me: Dammit it's getting dark. Zoryana: Dammit I need to finish reading my book. Me: Dammit did you charge your ipod? Zoryana: Dammit no, I didn't! Me: Dammit what are we going to do!?! Zoryana: Dammit, we're going to have to charge it!!! Both: Dammit! Me: Hey, if you should eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away. Zoryana: But if the doctor is cute, then screw the fruit! At 1:06AM in the morning: anna • says: bring money bitch, i'm taking you shopping. manhar says: hahha manhar says: that anna • says: LOL manhar says: sounds hot anna • says: EHEHEEH. manhar says: hhhahaa manhar says: FB that! manhar says: lol manhar says: goognitht anna manhar says: love you anna • says: FB? anna • says: wahts that. manhar says: facebo... anna • says: LOl anna • says: EHEHE anna • says: You facebook that. anna • says: LOL manhar says: get eith the program!\ manhar says: LOL anna • says: ahhaha anna • says: STHU At 1:07 AM in the morning!: manhar says: HAHAHHa manhar says: fart face anna • says: mother*fuf@#&$#*(er son of a )QW#&Y@ god your'e such a &*)#($*)(W@bag manhar says: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh manhar says: IMMMA POUND THE SHIT OUT OF YOU anna • says: I'm facebooking this whole conversation so that people can see WHAT YOU ARE LIKE IN REAL LIFE YOU HOEBAG. anna • says: WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM. manhar says: IF YOU DONT SHUIT YOUR TRAP anna • says: *whimper* manhar says: YOU WANT A PEICE OF ME manhar says: OHH YOUR GONNA GET IT NOW manhar says: OHHHHH manhar says: YOU ARE DONE manhar says: BITCH manhar says: HAHAHAA Me: Hey is there anything in my teeth? Colin: No.. they're just white.. like your face. Me: ... Colin likes to declare my whiteness. :P /Playing Scrabble Natasha: *Trying to spell out a word, but somehow spells it wrong.. * :P Alex: What the hell is that? Natasha: Oh, this is totally how you spell it! Alex: This isn't retard scrabble. -_- ahahah lololol

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