Xander Ephraim is a symbol, a representation of an intricate artistic community of which we are all a part. It is in this community, this aspiring world, that everyone has a vision, a voice. At Xander Ephraim, our artistic role in designing is to provide a fresh canvas for individual creativity and expression, to invoke clean lines that turn ideas into smooth finishings and timeless elegance. At Xander Ephraim, we support a community that fosters and cultivates artists, creative thinkers, and innovators. We are committed to quality, responsible, and sustainable production. Our designers and producers are accessible, immersed in the Xander Ephraim commitment to stimulate sensitivity and fervor within the community. At Xander Ephraim, we believe the world can be changed through vision, finesse, and the spark of brilliance that resonates in the artist within us. Products: Tops, Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Blazers, Jumpsuits, Trunkshow, Accessories - Address : 100 N Federal Hwy, Room 5, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 - Phone : (954) 241-4121 - Website :

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