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Everything is only temporary. Nothing lasts forever. Be thankful and enjoy the present moment because we never know what is going to happen the next moment. ~wwmantik171110 When you see life as your very best friend that will always support you and does no harm to you. When you do everything sincerely, neglecting the result that you will get. When you believe in the power of your mind. When you welcome every obstacle, lesson, and fortune with smile and thankful feeling. There is nothing but good thing that come continuously and of course, happiness remains within your very self. ~wwmantik201110 There will be no worries and fears if we have tried our best. What we think as a result might not be the real result of our actions, so be patient and never get disappointed. We just need to believe that whatever comes in our way is a gift and a chance for us to be a better person, given the fact that our eyes are sometimes incapable of seeing the greatness offered by the universe. All things that we have experienced, bitter and sweet, are needed for us to face the future. Cherish every moment and be grateful! ~wwmantik030111 Sometimes, we are obsessed with material things and presume them to be important in granting us happiness. Another time we ignore one simple thing that truthfully makes us happy: spreading love and positive energy to our surroundings. We still have times to change our way of living. Let's start from the very simple one: offering smile to people. Let's start now. ~wwmantik210111 Only because of His blessings I can be here, alive, and enjoy every second of my life with abundant miracles it brings along. I am nothing without Him. My faith grows stronger each day. ~wwmantik160511

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