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"I've got this something that's been going round... You don't know it, but you need it now."-Hanson (Something Going Round) "I find your lack of faith disturbing."- Darth Vader "Hide the Rum!"- Jack Sparrow "Is butter a carb?"-Regina (Mean Girls) "I will miss your lips and everything attatched to them." -Claire from Elizabethtown "Best friends, ex-friends to the end, better off as lovers and not the other way around." -Fall Out Boy (This is such a statement about Calleigh and Eric) "All those who gain power are afraid to lose it."- Palpatine (Ep. 3) "For Hanson fans everywhere: finally, a band of your own. You believed, and you were right."- Jill Matthews (MMMBop to the top) "We live in a real world, come back to it."- Padme Amidala (Ep. 2) "Why is the rum gone?"- Jack Sparrow "Can you imagine raising a family without any help? You know, given the hours we work?" "yeah, i could, definately." "really?" "Why? You don't think I'd make a good dad?" "No, I think you'd be a great dad. I just never heard you mention having children before." "Well, maybe when I find the right girl."- Calleigh and Eric (CSI MIAMI) (CSI My Nanny) "It's amazing that after 10 years of playing...Middle Of Nowhere... MMMBop specifically, still nobody has any idea what it means."-Taylor Hanson "He's an idiot, comes from upbringing. his parents are probably idiots too. Lorraine, you ever have a kid like that, I'll disown you."- Lorraine's dad ( Back to the Future) "I trust you with every fiber of my being." Calleigh to Eric (Whacked) 'You're not stupid, karen." "No, I am actually. I'm failing almost everything." "Well there must be something you're good at." "I can stick my whole fist in my mouth, wanna see?" "No, that's ok. Anything else?" "i'm kinda psychic." "What do you mean?" "I have a fifth sense! It's like I have ESPN or something."- Cady and Karen (Mean Girls) "So fetch!"- Gretchen (Mean Girls) "You should call your story 'Forbidden Love'." "Meghann" "yeah?" "That's what it's called." "Oh, well, great minds think alike!" -Megz and I a long time ago talking of a story I wrote. "Hey, listen, Fred, what do you know about rice?" "Well I had it thrown at me on one of the darkest days of my life."- Ricky and Fred (I Love Lucy, Job Switching) "How are you doin'?" "Same as always." "That bad, huh?"- Han Solo and Luke Skywalker (Return of the Jedi, Ep. 6) "Our Family's passion is cheese." Eric: I’m sure Jake would love it if you visited him in the hospital. (Such Sarcasm) Calleigh: You know what; I came to see you in the hospital too. Eric: Yeah. It was different. Calleigh: It is different, because you and I work together. Eric: You work with Jake too. Calleigh: He’s at Homicide. You and I are in the lab, day and night. (He gives her a look) You know that I trust you with my life. I don’t even know how I feel about Jake yet. Eric: Alright. Maybe we should get back to work"

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