My name is Stephany, but I hate, so call me Phanee or Valentina (these are my nicknames). I'm fifteen and my birthday is at 13/09. I love to eat any kind of cakes, chocolates and pizzas. My favorite movies are A Clockwork Orange, Vanilla Sky, Harry Potter(all), Star Wars (all), Iron Man (all), Batman (all), Edward Scissorhands, Detroit Rock City, Black Swan, Sherlock Holmes, The Miserables, The Exorcist and others that I don't remember now. I have short and hazel hair, brown eyes. My favorite bands are: The Ramones; The Strokes; The Smiths; Peter, Bjorn& John; The Cranberries; Kiss; Nirvana; AC/DC; Metallica; David Bowie; Arctic Monkeys; P!ATD; Alice In Chains; Poison; Pearl Jam; The Clach; Eric Clapton; The Beatles; Johnny Cash; Iron Maiden; Led Zeppelin; Motörhead; Los Hermanos; Cazuza; KMFDM; Queen; Queens Of The Stone Age; Marilyn Manson; Mötley Crüe; Crystal Castles; Laura Marling; Green Day; Radiohead; R.E.M.; Oasis; Kreator.

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