Whitney Phillips


"All Alone" I've cried and cried past these few years but that is one of my biggest fears, all alone I've sat and cried, wondering what would happen if i died, many people sit and stare, judging me i am everywhere, I've tried to text wondering what mood I'll be in next i haven't felt like this in quite a while, I've actually forgotten what it's like to smile, In my room I'm all alone, sadness is heavier than a stone, my parents always sit and worry, but their minds are quite blurry, they don't see things the way i do, maybe someday I'll be someone too, today is not that day, yet you lecture me anyway, all i want is to be happy why can't you let me live my life gladly?, In my room I'm all alone, listening to mom yell "watch that tone" on the inside i am dead, my head feels like 100Lbs of lead, now my patience is wearing thin, this is a war i can not win, as the day goes passing by, i still sit and wonder why? In my room I'm all alone, why can't you just leave and go home?? - written by me

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