Tallulah O'Toole


My name is Tallulah, I do fashion in National Dip last level. I live in my head a lot. I spend most evenings in bed with tea and cake. I aspire to be a crazy cat lady. I prefer winter over summer and i'm destined to live in the antarctic. I'm pretty peculiar and attracted to the wierdest beauty. I also have a hidden passion and sensitivity. I do not accept things at face value and am constantly looking for an underlying meaning. My brain is endlessly questioning everything. So much so that I lose sleep for it. I am level headed with yet a mischievous and morbidly sick sense of humor. Simple, little things make me smiley. Seahorses and baby owls are my favourite. I can be sweet but I am quite the pistol and can be blunt, abrasive and argumentative when cornered. I learn to adjust to my current surroundings no matter how severe the darkness. I slowly fall in love with the things that kill me.

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