Karoline Celis


Hello I am young creative 14 year old Manga artist and I've set up my own digital and self taught drawings I've made. I am not just only an Artist and Manga artist. I love to write poems, lyrics. I have lots of interests. I love photography because I like to see unique,creative and bright photos. I have DeviantArt which other Artists from world wide demonstrates their Art. I do not know any fashion sense but I have the creativity in mind. Hello my name is Karoline Celis I am 14 years old girl I'm starting my freshmen year starting August 31st 2013. And I was thinking of joinning Art club. I've been starting taking photos of my self for first time using my Ipad. I've used many photo editors from my ipad and edit pictures of my self taken by me. I am self confident, persistent, sweet,easy to get along with, quiet,shy, nice girl. I am fan of ThatsHeart, and StilaBabe09 on Youtube they're my favorite Youtube stars! I own Gmail, Old and New Aol/Aim account, Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt account and weheartit. I like to invite others to this site called weheartit they feature sets so that you can keep your pictures you heart that are added to the set ( Get the heart button and get so goodies and feedback) I've reached 23 followers on there and I would like you girls to follow me as you can. I am Active on Twitter, Instagram on my Ipad apple device and Fashiolista.

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