Vaibhavi Singh


"EvERY1 cAN sEE wHO i ApPer tO bE bUT oNLy A fEw KnoW thE reAL mE U cAn oNLy See WHaT I cHooSE tO sHOw ThERe s sO muCH bEhINd THis SmiLE" "demons to some angels to others"-dimmu "Just cut our wrists like cheap coupons and say death was on sale today"-Marilyn Manson "Evil I am, evil I will be"-c "The earth has a skin and that skin has diseases, one of its diseases is called man" -Friedric Nielzsche "Who you calling a mistake I won this life man!! I won a gold in sperm race, I'm a born athlete!!" © vaibhavi singh "I am my own holocaust, Separated from the love of God.."-Ov Hell

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