Toni McCann


♥ Me: No, I don't know what she looks like. ♥ Becky: You will when you see her. ♥ Rach: Has anyone ever threw up in your car? ♥ Taxi-Driver: Not this one, no. ♥ Rach: Aww, that means I'd be your first... *whispers* Ask the taxi man when I get out if he likes me. *Prince Charles is on tele* ♥ Amy: How do I know him? It's Tony Blair, isn't it? ♥ Me: *pisses self laughing* Please tell me you're joking. ♥ Amy: What? What? Why are you laughing... because it obviously is? Or obviously isn't? ♥ Me: You're going the toilet again?! You've just been! ♥ Liam: No! That was fifteen minutes ago! ♥ Lee: WOAH. That was a bit breezy. I turned my head and it was like nature farted in my face! ♥ Customer: How big are your melons? ♥ Lee: Erm... about 3cm?

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