Twanya Threesixty


Picture this.......So ur running, (a little bit slower than usual but ur running) back hurting and neck straining but ur trying to make it to this door which has a sign above it that reads "Future of Happiness this way only 1 space left" So ur running out of breath trying to pick up ur pace so u can get to the other side of the door to experience what happiness is, when u notice that no matter how hard ur running u just can't seem to get there fast enough and the reason why is because of this heavy weight that ur pulling behind u. So u get to the door and the doorman closes the door in ur face saying u were 1 min too late. Now ur standing there feeling stupid thinking " If I had only left the PAST behind me, I would have been further ahead in my Future of HAPPINESS". Moral of the story is: "U can't expect to live a future of happiness if u're dragging the past with u everywhere u go. U're only blocking what is to come. What god has for u, it is for u. U just have to let go and let him! :)

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