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Just put away your wrecking ball of lies and your alluring disguise sober up and learn the wrong from the right He said sit down this might hurt, You don't mean blood don't you? no, I mean words I should have known, it was my time We're falling like dominoes and I'm next in line I'm trying to keep my head above the water Like a teeter tauter these days are up and down but time makes its so hard to hold on longer but I've got to stay strong to tread the water (C) - SairahBella You smoke your cigarettes, like you never heard a reason to quit and you drink your alcohol, like you never gotta go too far You said youd walk for miles Just to see me smile and you said it was my eyes That have kept you alive I know what you are, I just wish I knew who you were Your no good at loving but your so goddamn good with words (C) - SairahBella Stop asking me if Im alright Im doing better, while youre doing fine I dont know why you just dont get it, So just please stop Wasting your time on me You always knew that it would end like this So dont tell me you didnt have a clue Its so cliché to say that ignorance is bliss, But this applies specifically to you Dont tell me you fell in love without a choice Im not giving you mixed messages, no Stop fantasizing that Ill be yours And if this is love, Heaven only knows (C) - JennNucum He's been awake reaching for the falling stars he falls to the ground knowing that he'll never get that far he runs to shelter and covers up his eyes protecting himself from all the heartbreaks and lies (C) - Callingclarity Your like the pulse in my wrist Or the fog in the mist Your here one day and then you disappear (C) - tapzapper2001 Nikita: *high on redbull* i want my mommy (in singing voice) ~~~~ Nikita Turtle is really hyper and starts breahting deeply. Mar and Sar: look at her for about 1 minute turtle: continues to make sound for a few more minutes ...marissa: looks at nikita weirdly and says "i think your making sex noises" Nikita: OMG! *breaht breath* I THINK I AM! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nikita/TURTLE: "Sarah might not come because she has to go to Thailand" (prononce like leg part with land) Me: "What? She's going were?" Nikita/TURTLE: "Thailand" (same pronounciation) Me: "You mean Thailand (pronounce rite) Nikita/TURTLE: " Yah, Thailand (pronounce like leg) I try to explain to her it is pronounced with out the th sound but she still dosen't get it. Me: "SEE this is another reason why you are a turtle!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ mar sar and nikki in taxi Taxi driver- what is that smell lah! Mar- what smell you mean your taxi (thought) Sar- It Smells Like Rice! LATER.. sarah waves at car with 3 indian doodes TD rolls down window TD- You wanna date them lah! huh huh you wanna? If you dont wanna i do! You think uncles hot? Sar- NOooo... TD- what you don't!? Laugh laugh Mar- i call the smart guy Mar like driver indian with glasses Nik likes person in back hu waved back to her Sar doesnt like any there ugly, mar says passenger! ~We were going the same way as them---to six avenue! YES! ahhah but then we turned...and they the same time....but in different directoins hahaha! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mar-gives indian wrist burn to turtle Turtle-OW IT BURNS! Mar and Sar-laugh Turtle- what? (turtle didnt know what it was called) Mar-INDIAN burn (pointing and laughing at turtle) Sar-HAHAH INDIAN burn!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nikita/TURTLE::: OH YAH THS MORNING I FELT LIKE I WAS A BURRITO CUZ LIKE MY BLANKET WAS ALL WRAPPED AROUND ME AND I WAS LIKE IM A BURRITO!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey my name is Romeo, My pants are low, My boxers show, I have to mow, And I say oh, As long as I make some dough, I have to sew, But I say no, And then I go, On a row. SAR + MARR fucky ducky went for a walk in the park and it was damn dark. and he sat on the bench and started to quench. he was talkin to himself about the war and the gore, and what he should do to help and this is what he did....he belched! Nikita scratching paper "the eraser wont come off!" marissa: what are you talking about? your fingernail isn't an eraser!" nikita: noo, the eraser wont come off!" marissa: "thats a comma!" hahahhahahahahahahahha Danny Phantom Theme Song Rhythm Yo Nikita Turtle when she was just 14 her parents built a washing machine it was designed to see all the ponds unseen . . . "You know how if you blow them alot then they will just come in your mouth" (juice boxes) - marissa Sticks and stones may break my bones...but whips and chains excite me - lols ---------------------------------------------

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