'Betül Azakoğlu'


"In fact, the little details are by far the most important." "Mr. Holmes, you must widen your gaze." "That worries me. Steel your mind, Holmes. I need you." "Pay attention. Three more will die, and there is nothing you can do to save them. You must accept that this is beyond your control or, by the time you realize you made all of this possible it'll be the last sane thought in your head." "Death...is only the beginning." "-Why are you always so suspicious? -Shall I answer chronologically or alphabetically?" "Discombobulate." "Is it poison(ed), nanny?" "I've never woken up in handcuffs before." "My mind rebels at stagnation." "Data, data, data." "He's killed the dog.Again." "Marital sabotage"(?) "Not in blood, but in bond." "Panic. Sheer bloody panic(, sir)." "(Full)Psychological recovery...six months." "Catatonie(Catatonic)"(?)

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