Tara Marrongelli


"people are always going to talk, i love it. i love the attention. i do what i do because it puts a smile on my face. and im the only person in this world that matters."--Jenna Jameson katherine: are you ready tara: for what katherine: ru ready yet tara: for what katherine: r u ready tara: for what i dont get it katherine: r u ready yet tara: im so confused katherine: r u ready tara: FOR WHAT katherine: r u ready tara: OMG ANDREW MACDONALD!!! shawn:: ur christmas tree has been sitting in ur yard forever tara:: well the trash came wouldnt they take it? shawn::nah they need a special truck for that shit tara::ohh like one of those trucks that cut up the wood and take it and make paper? shawn:: yeaa pine flavored paper..

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