Anne Stambersky


"You CaN MeaSuRe YouR Success By WhAt you hAd to GivE Up tO GeT iT!" "WE'RE ALL WRITING OUR LIFE STORY AS WE GO..YOU'VE GOT 3 CHOICES...DO EVERTHING RIGHT(LIKE THAT'LL HAPPEN),USE PENCIL, OR INVEST IN WHITE OUT" "Nothing of importance comes without effort" "TrYinG is FaiLiNg...Just Do iT!!"..."NeVeR SaY I CaN'T...BecAuSe CaN'T MeaNs Won'T!" "Wut lies b4 us is TINY compared 2 wut lies W/IN US! So When u think u’ve reachd the end of ur rope,tie a knot& Hang On!THIS 2 SHALL PASS"

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