Tina Stalin


dnt play the game with bitches who knows how 2 play better * its not what i feel 4 u...its what i dnt feel 4 any1 but u... * Je t'ai perdu mais je ferai tout pour te faire revenir.. donne-moi une chance et je te prouverai mon amour ... * stressin' a guy is no longer my style..i wana reall man whos gnna go out of his way 2 make me smile * ill just take it day by day cuz its only way 2 be the best that i can be.... * the more i kno of men the more i love ma dog * the only thing in life u regret its risk that u didnt take * trust no man _ fear no bitch * yahh i saw u try and do it like me... and man that shit was uglyyy * latina and pround ♥ * yaeh ther is palnty more fish in the sea but i want 2 faind my on NEMO :D * It seems you can't hear me When I open my mouth you never listen You say stay, but what does that mean Do you think I honestly want to be reminded forever? It's not easy not answering Every time I want to talk to you But I can't If you only knew the hell I put myself through Replaying memories in my head of you and I Every night Don't waste your time trying to fix What I want to erase What I need to forget Don't waste your time on me my friend Friend, what does that even mean I don't want your hand You'll only pull me down So save your breath Don't waste your song on me, on me Don't waste your time

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