I love clothes, especially shoes. I. Love. Shoes. I am picky about the ones I do like though because for my outfits, they enhance the outfit rather than being the shining star of it. But then there are those days I get out my cherry red stilettos and rock a cotton catsuit ;P I also love jewelry. I especially love trying to recreate pieces via DIY because then I can tailor them to my color palette and to my wardrobe. Like making necklaces out of the beach stuff I've collected my whole life, or taking a rock from a special place and making a wrap bracelet- I love it. >_< In addition to making my own jewelry occasionally (because really there are some things you just have to leave to the professionals. And maaaaaybe because I don't have enough time to make All of my own stuff ;P) I crochet and knit and I love seeing how people incorporate both into cute styles (and then I go and imitate them XD). So in summary? I wear what is comfortable and sexy and I tend to focus more on shoes and jewelry than the clothes XP

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