04/19/2014 CHILD AUDITIONS FOR MUSIC VIDEO FOR THE RHYME IMPERSONATOR SHOW! PARENTS PLEASE REGISTER At: RSVP At: Website: The Rhyme Impersonator Show "A hilarious new half hour comedy show series set here in NYC, featuring original characters and celebrity impersonations" The Rhyme Impersonator show will have audiences falling out of their seats with laughter!, And it will be what “In Living Color” was in the 90’s, featuring fresh comedic talent, original characters, music, and various celebrity impersonations ranging from Dr. Phil, Jesse Jackson, Joel Osteen to our President himself, Barrack Obama. Set on the backdrop of New York City, the show’s comedic skits and parodies blend a unique mixture of diverse, ethnic, urban and conservative comedy which takes on a comedic attitude and rhythm of its very own. Impersonation’s is the main focus of the show which features both scripted and improvisational comedy sketches and parodies. Some of our “Original” characters include: Uncle Charlie, Amanda, Mr. Chow and Tyrone The Central Park Beggar. In order to help get the show off the ground, we turned to the crowed funding platform of Kickstarter, and with 84 backers we successfully raised 5K on 11/04/2012, this seed investment helped us to produce 2 comedy sketches under 5K. To complete our 3rd comedy sketch and cover post- production costs, we launched yet another Kickstarter campaign on 07/27/2013, to raise an additional $8,500, and on 08/25/2013 we once again succeeded and achieved our goal with 81 new backers!. "Tyrone The Central Park Beggar" Our very 1st comedy sketch made it debut screening on Friday February 15, 2013 in NYC at the "Anthology Archives Theater", and it was a huge success and the reviews were all positive On December 7, 2013 “Mr. & Mrs. Chow” Our 2nd Asian theme comedy sketch screened to a packed house at the prestigious 2 time Michelin 5 star rated restaurant: “Tulsi”. The audience reviews were also very positive. These 2 sneak preview screenings was the first sign of the true comedic talent that our shows writing team cast and original characters have to offer. Our comedy sketches are now in Post Production. As a low budget production one of our many strength’s is our ability to cut huge costs, multi-task and wear various hats on the film set if need be. With our highly experienced crew, along with the help of our various contacts and resources, we managed to pull off our past 3 skits at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality. We pride ourselves on our honesty and credibility, in the process of filming our first 3 skits we still made time to fulfill a large majority of “REWARDS” to our loyal 84 + backers from our first campaign, and we have also built many long lasting and working relationships that have helped us to move our project to where it is now, at the brink of completion. “The Rhyme Impersonator Show” has tremendous potential as to be a successful TV Comedy Series!. The most successful TV programs tend to comedies, the scripts are well executed and we should have no problem attaching a name recognizable cast once the show is picked up by a production house or TV Network. The team assembled is experienced and will create a unique and high quality experience. Richard Oliver Jr. the show’s executive producer is an independent artist, uniting with other independent professionals to collaborate in the development of original content, with the goal of producing these concepts in New York City, the city that has inspired all of his writing, music and comedic material for the show, and there is no other city where we would like to produce our show then in the home of the Empire State, in the city that never sleeps, New York City. We are from New York and we know the talent that this city has to offer, people come from all over the world come to make it here, and you know that saying: "If you can make it here then you can make it anywhere". Our project has developed thus far due to our undying determination and commitment to pure passion and excellence. And yes, sometimes that (not merely talent) is exactly what it takes to bring a project from an idea, thought, to conception, to a vision, to the designing of a plan where one can then see that vision that much more clearer to the point of execution to completion, to the final end result, which is, “Ultimate Success”. What our producer loved most about the comedy shows of the past (like In Living Color, Mad TV, Dave Chappell and others) was that they all had the power and the “Magic” to launch the careers of many talented artists. The Rhyme Impersonator Show will be one of the shining lights in the 2014 Pilot Season Selections. A hilarious comedy launching pad for the future stars of tomorrow. America Get Ready to Laugh Because here comes, THE RHYME IMPERSONATOR SHOW! For additional information on our project, please visit our website at: (718) 613-9366 Our IMDB Page: Producers IMDB Page: Subscribe to our You-Tube page @ IF YOU LIKE OUR IMDB PAGE THEN "LIKE US" on Facebook @ "FOLLOW US" on TWITTER @ "FOLLOW US" ON INSTAGRAM @ #therhymeimpersonatorshow TUNE IN LIVE TO THE RHYME IMPERSONATOR RADIO SHOW EVERY MONDAY from 6:30pm - 7:00pm at: LIVE GUEST CALL IN # (347) 857-4380 WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU LIVE ON THE AIR!

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