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"Expect great things from a great God; Attempt great things for a great God." - William Carey "A Philanthropist in the Making" - Anna Kardashian "FORGIVE like nothing happened to your past. PRAY like there is always a need to ask & thank for. LOVE like what Jesus showed on the cross." - Anna Kardashian "Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday." - Proverb Quote "Don't judge a book by its cover." - English Idiom "Don't make any fashion statement if what you are trying to show is a selfish act." - Anna Kardashian "Expenditure isn't my favorite word. I'd rather prefer investment." - Anna Kardashian "Procrastination is my worst enemy." - Anna Kardashian "Don't spend your life chasing people who don't appreciate you and value your worth." - Anna Kardashian "A bad speller makes a reader a bad reader." - Anna Kardashian "Don't be a copycat. Be more spontaneous. Otherwise, you end up being a fraud." - Anna Kardashian

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