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You Only Live Once.<3 Never Frown, Because You Never Know Who Is Falling In Love With Your Smile.<3 Live As If You'll Die Tomorrow; Dream As If You'll Live Forever.<3 True Love Never Dies Out; It Only Gets Stronger With Time.<3 There Are Things We Don't Want To Happen, But Have To Accept. There Are Things We Don't Want To Know, But Have To Learn. There Are People We Can't Live Without, But Have To Let Go Of.<3 Never Say Never.<3 Don't Cry Because Its Over; Smile Because It Happened & You Learned.<3 I'm Not A "Perfect" Girl; My Hair Can Get Messy, I Can Spill Things, I Can Trip Over Random Things, I Can Stutter Over My Words, I Can Date The Wrong Type Of Guy & I Can Make Wrong Choices. But When I Think How Truly Amazing My Life Is; I Almost Like Being My "Un-Perfect" Self.<3 The Words " I Love You" Are Not Words To Be Messed Around With. If You Would Still "Love" Your Boy/Girlfriend Even If They Gained 200lbs. Or Died Than You Have Experienced True Love. Until Then, Don't Break Someone's Heart By Saying These Words.<3 Beginnings Are Usually Scary & Endings Are Usually Sad, But Its Everything In Between That Makes Life Worth Living.<3 You Can't Start The Next Chapter In Your Life If You Keep Re-Reading The Last Ones.<3

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