Tanya D'Jemal


Mickey catlin: When spray paint starts painting again I won't rip tape off... Tape will always be sticky Sitting in reg in class me: (showing rains bag) it abercobie and moose rain: (in a bitchy voice) no its abercomie and fitch BITCH. -------------------------------------------------- on de coach to belguim bout 4.am rain : tanya look at de stars dere so bright me:(trying to sleep) we r going towards bethlehem to see jesus. ------------------------------- ------------------------------- iota not toyota (in a wierd voice_Xx gd time iona) ----------------------------------- me n munuse in t-mobile munuse putting creadit on her fone n both suckin on lollie pops 5 fit boiis in dere working just straing at us fit boii 1: so do u have eny more lollie pops me n munuse crack up saying: no sorry one fit boii to the other saying: mate i feel like a very juicy meat we should get some soon the other boii seys ye just juciy n hot meat hmm dat would be nice me n munuse laughung as we go out bii fanxs gd times xxx ---------------------------------------------------------------- We choke on small things...lol sadaffi love u ---------------------------------- We munch dat shit down...the family meal group from colly ---------------------------------- Not in glades..... Hahahaha --------------------------------- You can either be a money,gorilla, half monkey,chimpanzee or a chipmonk.... Try and decide whilst listening to the monley song... LOL ---------------------------------

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