Susan Strickland


Im a realist. who likes to create my own style, that I cant find anywhere in the "fashion" world, online or anywhere else...when I wear my own styles, I create myself, I later see the styles, I have put together, in the dept stores, for sale..Im a bargain thrift shops and yard sales..I save alott of $ by doing this..and also create the styles I want. I love native american regalia and attire, along with a touch of hippie and gypsy,boho, to go along with it. I like sexy, but not smutty or tasteless clothing. I dress the way, I feel that day and by the mood I am in,unless its a certain formal or informal occasion. I think I could make some fashion designer and myself alott of $, with the fashion and style ideas..that I have in my head. Im an antiques dealer, and sell alot of jewelry. Ilothing,autos style and so on. Im a country girl with alot of being around positive people and influences. Im my own self critic, always looking for ways to improve myself and my life.

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