Tatiana Redko


Why do you worry unnecessarily ? From whom do you unnecessarily fear? Who can kill you? Soul (Atma) is never born nor does it die. Whatever has happened is good, whatever is going to happen is also good, whatever will happen will also be good. Don’t worry about the past. Don’t worry about the future and the present is going on. What have you lost that you are weeping. What did you bring that you have lost. What did you produce that is perished. You did not bring anything; whatever you have taken you have taken from here. Whatever you have given you have given here. Whatever you have taken you have taken from God and whatever you have given you have given him. You came with empty hands and with empty hands you will go. Whatever is yours today was belonging to someone else yesterday and will b...e of someone else day after tomorrow. Thinking that this is yours you are becoming happy and this happiness alone is the cause of your miseries and unhappiness. Change is the law of the world. What you think as death that is life. In one second you become the owner of crores of rupees and in another second you just become bankrupt. Yours and mine, big and small, remove these thoughts from your mind and then you will find that everything is yours and you are of everybody. This body is not yours nor you are of the body. This life, water, air, earth are all made of the sky and will get merged with it but Atma is fixed, then what you are. You should surrender yourself to God. This is the most important refuge. One who understands this refuge to God, he is permanently freed from the clutches of fear, worries and sadness. Whatever you are doing you offer it to God and continue your activity. Just by this your life will always be happy and you will enjoy the bliss of your life..Mehr anzeigen

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