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Five tips for petite ladies! 1. Dress in one color: yes, everything, from your top to your shoes. This works best with darker colors. The effect is slimming, lengthening and classy. 2. Leave baggy clothes to your taller counterparts and focus on well-fitted and tailored garments. These will enhance, instead of drown, your frame. 3. It sounds obvious, but wearing high heels can make such a difference. Even a kitten heel can add a little lift. High heels also give some much-needed structure to an outfit, especially if you’re dressing smart. 4. Avoid wearing kids’ clothes just because you can get into them! We know they’re VAT-free and comfy but they are also very much for kids. Who wants to look like a 12 year old, really? 5. Oversized sunglasses and bags come into fashion now and again, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the best thing for your size. In fact, you might drown in a sea of accessories! Keep things small and neat instead.

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