Tamara Johnson


"MAYNE DAT NIGGA LOOK MATHOOSA!!"(JENNIFER) "IM AINT GETTIN A RED CENT OFF OF YALL!!!"(MY AGENT LEONARD PEGUES) "U LIL PEACEFUL FUCK!!!!"(my crazy gurl MARQUITA) "I WILL GET ON YO ASS LIKE...HAIR!!"(seun) "Mane yall so ugly!!!" (My Big Brotha Paco) "FAVA AIN'T FAIR BUT IT AINT FREE EITHA"(my agent leonard pegues) "Gurl dat sexy man is sum CHRONIC!!!"(my crazy AUNT NIKKI) "Gurl he looks a site(a mess)"(compliments of Little Shannon) "I love you too,SHIT!!"(crazy azz clarence) "WHAT DA FUCK IS DAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN MOTHAFUCKA!!!SHIT!!READ FASTER!!!FASTER FASTER FASTER FASTER FASTER!!!!!GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!(my nigga clarence once again) "I'M SLEEPY."(ALESE) "GIT IT GIT IT!!!!!"(Shannon) "GIVE ME NEXT!!" (dem chatt town bois again baby!) "FUCK YOU AND YO PUNK ASS THOUGHTS!!(Alese) "R U SERIOUS?"(da whole world,hell!) "hi five.I SAID HI FIVE MOTHAFUCKA!!!!"(clarence) "u need to eat.do you eat fruits and vegstuhbose?"(clarence again) "git yo hotdamn butta monkey cat dog eatin p-poppin on the handstand catsauce dingaling dingaling dingaling lookin ass!!" (seun) "dats a problem"(reggie) "KEEP YO COOCHIE!!"(Britney roberts) "WIIICCC!!"(Britney again) "ZONT ZOO ME ZITCH!!!"(sonya and seirra) "oonkanoonk" (sonya) "and u talk with stink like that!your poop poop mouth.u got poop outta ya mouth?!!" (Anchorman) "BRUH I'M HIGH"(seun and josh) "YO FACE"(Megan) "AWWWWWWW FUCK!!"(Ansly) "YA LIL FUCK BOY!"(Chassity) "DATS SUM FUCK SHIT."(ALESE) "SHITTY BASTARD!!"(TASHA) "BEEE!!!"(MELODY) "GAAAAAAAADDDD!!!!!!"(CHATTOWN NIGGAZ AGAIN) "KICK ROCKS!!"(SEUN) "FUCK YALL!!!FUCK ALL YALL!!!FUCK DA WORLD!!!IMA BLOW DIS BITCH UP!!!"(SHAE when we was at apollo nite) US PLAYIN A GAME: Alese:"What does Santa Claus have?" Megan:"...TITTIES!!!!!" "WOULD YOU BE MY FRIEND IF..."(Sonya) "YEAH________"(Whatever u like u fill in the blank) (TABIA) "UR DONE" (WHITNEY THE GREAT) (high pitch voice)"REEEEALLYYY?!!!!"(brandy)

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