Tara Ní Thiarnaigh


Inappropriate chat about cookies: 12:51abby93 hehe 12:51 abby93 cookies 12:52 abby93 haha rayne I decided you could compare moo to a cookie 12:52 rayne_stalks haha, really? 12:52 rayne_stalks care to enlighten us? 12:52 abby93 think about it 12:52 abby93 well some things rayne would think 12:53 abby93 but cookies are irresistible 12:53 rayne_stalks I'm thinking very inappropriate things abby 12:53 rayne_stalks so.. O.o 12:53 abby93 and ummm 12:53 abby93 well there were a lot of things in mind 12:53 abby93 but with the influence of a little drink, cookies get all soft 12:53 rayne_stalks HAHAHAHAHAHA 12:54 rayne_stalks that sent the WROOOOooOOOOOOONG image in my mind 12:54 rayne_stalks LMAO 12:54 tara ROFL 12:54 cierrax3 wow 12:54 cierrax3 and im sure both smell yummy 12:55 tara Lol, cookies are better when hot 12:56 abby93 haha 12:56 rayne_stalks XD 12:56 catiefsm tara, every time you mention food you make me want it 13:18 tara What else can we say about cookies? 13:18 peyton♥ they're nummyful 13:18 marit Hmm 13:18 cierrax3 theyre yummy!!! 13:18 marit Yeah 13:18 rayne_stalks you want to eat them 13:18 tara I could say something about eating them slowly 13:18 tara But I don't think I will 13:18 marit Hahaa 13:19 abby93 who wouldnt want a cookie of their own! 13:19 rayne_stalks hahahaha 13:19 tara That's a line I'm not really willing to cross in detail 13:19 cierrax3 they taste better raw 13:19 tara ...? 13:19 tara Wtf? 13:19 rayne_stalks hahahaha 13:19 rayne_stalks O.o 13:19 rayne_stalks raw? [20:49] rayne_stalks: I don't like men with hair, actually [20:49] marit: Well, then you should find an Asian [20:49] rayne_stalks: I like men who can't grow a beard [20:49] marit: They're delightfully hairless, right? [23:19] pwning procrastination: my body rejects nature..... [19:02] Catie: try lifting it off the ground. if you cant pick it up, its probably an elephant [19:02] Catie: but it COULD be a really heavy banana [19:29] rayne05: and that's awesome ali [19:30] rayne05: what kind of chinese though? [19:30] rayne05: Mandarin? [19:30] rayne05: cause there are 5 kinds [19:30] half a rainbow voldified: for some reason i can't type tioday. uhh...the kind like the orange.. that's all i can remember [22:38] geoff: Catie you are a filthy liar.

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