Mesa McConnaughey


"For they know nothing of our god... the beyblades god." "I just wanted to say it really loud, I didn't want anyone to hear me." "If you listened to bad music, that would be like a breaker-deal." "You mean deal breaker?" "I hate Tumblr like I hate immigrants!" "I said his name was Kahona?" "You guys are dumb, a three legged dog couldn't stand up!" "I miss you guys like a pregnant woman would miss her child." "No, the DUDE was white, not the BIKE." "I HUGGED A BUSH FOR YOU!" "Get out of my dreams and into my car." "Maybe he's just getting your RETARDED energy and reading it wrong." "Calm yourself Table! Just because you can't fit into a chair..." "Story time!" "It's 2:02. Wait... check to make sure that's right." "You guys, I understand the meaning of life! I was watching this Extenze commercial..." "When you scream you instinctively close your eyes!" "I can see you between my legs." "I was clearing my throat, you didn't have to go make fun of me with your Satan growl." "But I HAD to do my Satan growl!"

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