Susie Dagastino


"Holy Water can kill just about anything. So Protestants are pretty much screwed if a vampire comes calling" -We're Not Crazy, We're Catholic! " I believe in the Christian God, ya know, the one w/ a capital J" "Sandwitch Juice" "ERINS IN THE CONCESSION STAND!!!" "I'm going to call you titties" "Jesus said 'love one another...' whatever. but he also said 'i scratch your back, you scratch mine' "For more on the crack spider's back" "I'm not going to get married until my eggs ferment." -Meg Jackson "I'm a very sarcastic person" -Kristina Distler (In Church) "Do you see what's in his back pocket? Yea, that's a V card" - Erin Hagemann "So you have never kissed a Lambda?" -Timmy T "Nope, not yet" -Me "Get ready for tonight then!" -Timmy T "Do you really think someone is stupid enough to make a meth lab in front of the arkansas senate???" "i aint got NO academic achievements!" "you look like a bottlenose dolphin" "Who am I? satisfactory... Who is Jesus? outstanding ....ohhhhh wait, lol" "Who loves Girls State" "Huckabee City loves Girls State" "Is it true" "MMHHMM i do i do i doooooo" "BOWCHICK-JEEZUS" - "...who is more ignorant? the man who cannot define lighting, or the man who does not respect its awesome power?" "Your changing the world by helping the world changers!" (straight face) " i got bite by a shark" (DM busts out laughing) (actually serious) "my surgeon had to remove a malignant birthmark that would possibly lead to cancer." (DM laughs harder and uncontrollably) "This should be either a very affectionate or aggressive sleeper" next morning "ohh u were very affectionate" "we are gonna pass thru limon (LEE-mon) and th..." "you know that it is limon (le-mon), so don't try that french twist w/ me." "umm wat is the name of this town?" "Limon (LIE-mon) "Weston, if i was 17, and i wasnt related to you...." "Am I WALNUTHEAD????" "WAHHAHAHAH" (nasaly) "Mama gotta sqeeze box she wears it on her chest and when daddy comes home, he dont get NO rest"

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