Summer Ann


Before you judge my life, my past or my character... Walk in my shoes, walk the path I have traveled, live my sorrow, my doubts, my fear, my pain and my laughter.. Remember, everyone has a story. When you've lived my life then you can judge me. We can all learn from this quote. Everyone has a story. Stop spending time with the wrong people. Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you. If someone wants you in their life, they’ll make room for you. You shouldn’t have to fight for a spot. Never, EVER insist yourself to someone who continuously overlooks your worth. And remember, it’s not the people that stand by your side when you’re at your best, but the ones who stand beside you when you’re at your worst that are your true friends." No Sue...... I'm not buzzed by that one Margarita! Why are you trying to fit in when you were born to stand out. Live the life you love <3 my dear friend princess fiona once told me that even a yellow brick road sometimes still has a fork in the road and who you find sitting beside you in the onion carriage at that time is who you can truly count on through out your life.....the layers that you shed were never really a part of you, they only attached themselves to you for awhile. Always dream of the rainbow and the happy ever after and know that whether your surrounded by ogres or princesses, the soul of a person will eventually shine through. So, my friend, at the end of your worst day, don't grieve the lost layers...celebrate the layers that will always be a part of you.

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