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Me: "How come there aren't subtitles?" Jenny: "There are. Noone's saying anything. Idiot." Me: "Oh." (In humanities 1) Katie: Are any of you in humanities in action? Me: WHAT??? Jeremy: oh you're talking to your dad right now? Me: Yeah, he's mad at me cos i ate his icecream. Jeremy: He's mad at you cos you used his ageing face cream?? Me: Hey, you dont know much about Chinese History right? Jeremy: What? I dont know much about Chinese Pastry?? Me: Don't tell me I want it to be a surprise Jenny: I want to tell you so bad!!! Me: Nooo don't tell me anything. Jenny: You don't want clues? Me: Noo! Jenny: AHH ITS MAKEUP BAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Me: -_-; Jenny: HEEHEE Jenny: Hello? Do you take USA Visa Photos? Fotomax: IVA IS SLEEPING. -_- Anais: I'M NOT SEXY, I'M ONLY FERTILE. I'M THE FREAKING WOMAN FROM WILLENDORF

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