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"God, below god, me" José Mourinho "Carrick. Evra. Ronaldo, long way out!...... What a goal! Not too far for him!" Martin Tyler on Cristiano Ronaldo's 40 yard strike against Porto at Estádio do Dragão. "Here's Lampard. Comes out towards ESSIEN!!!!!!!!!" "Oh my goodness, what an unbelievable strike!" Martin Tyler and Andy Gray on Michael Essien's stunning equaliser against Arsenal at Stamford Bridge. "And now it's Walcott, and the roadrunner is on his way, Alonso last man back. Releases it! ARSHAVIN! FOUR!" Jon Champion Roy Keane: "If you're that patriotic, why don't you play for Senegal?" Patrick Vieira: "@£$%^&*" "Yet in the last 2 million years the dinosaurs' most infamous predator has appeared. Tyrannosaurus, a 5 tonne, 13 metre long carnivore, specifically evolved to kill other giant dinosaurs." Kenneth Branagh the narrator introducing Tyrannosaurus in the beginning of episode 6 of Walking with Dinosaurs. "France needed a helping hand to get into South Africa, and now they need a helping hand to get out of the group" Jonathan Pearce when France Trail 2-0 to Mexico. "Does Paulo Ferreira still play for Chelsea?" Shirley Sr. "All black" Santa on Chelsea midfield with Mikel, Essien and Ramires. “YOU'LL NEVER SEE ANYTHING LIKE THIS EVER AGAIN!!!!!!" Martin Tyler on the Sergio Agüero moment

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