Steven Bacon


First off, I have very extreme views. I am completely open to any argument as long as you’re supporting your side with facts over opinion. You can throw your opinion at me all day and I’ll continue down the path of the dark side. The reason I say dark side is because my faith in the human race is microscopic. We baby people in their upbringing, tell them how to live, be obedient, challenge nothing, watch the government step all over us (along with big corporations, which we all know run this country now), fight for things that mean nothing, fail to accept anything different, slowly kill the planet (or quickly I believe both), all this because we have been blinded by people, governments, and society. I do hope that we can pull it all together before we make this world a hell on earth. For the time being I enjoy motorcycles (about to buy one woo!), tons of sports, my job (search fanatics), my wife, and everyday little things. I know that from the start of this you may have the notion I’m a downer, but it is quite the opposite. I enjoy every day to the fullest and am very kind to people all around me. The reason for my gloom outlook is my personal experiences growing up. From watching the prosecuted have more rights than the victim, ignorance and hate spreading like wildfire, to my own personal rights trampled, and many instances of power being abused on both large and small scales.

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