Stella Mattsson


Stan: Dad, how come Wal-Mart is so cheap...? Randy: It's simple economics, Stan. I don't understand it...but God I love it. "Great eagerness in the pursuit of wealth, pleasure, or honor, cannot exist without sin." - Desiderius Erasmus "I've already been to heaven. I was there for 5 minutes and then I was like: let's go!"- Kelly "He lies to people Stella. He tells lies. He's a liar!" - Marjolein "If you feel lonely when you're alone, then you're in bad company"-J-P Sartre "They say "erbs" and we say "herbs"... because there's a fucking h in it" - Eddie Izzard "No, they do not spit on the woman"-Israeli Raphael explaining a jewish divorce "Thank you for letting me bask in your glow"- Marjolein "Eh...who wipes?!"- King Julian "I never make the slightest effort to remember"-Karl Lagerfeld

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