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Не с первого взгляда, но до последнего вздоха Верю в любовь, в нас, в себя, верю в бога_____♥ There's a little truth behind every "just kiddin'",a little knowledge behind every "I don't know",a little emotion behind every "I don't care",and a little pain behind every "It's Ok".=) Мои чувства - не ваша боль, мой стиль - не ваша мода, моё счастье - не ваше дело... ...Мы будем дальше жить отрываясь от земли...пытаясь летать не имея крыльев... ♥ Girl shoud be two things` classy & faboulous <3 Coco Chanel © У меня все хорошо, мне нечем вас порадовать..!!!! People come and go in our life. Some people pass by and leave nothing, some pass by and inspire us to be better people, and then there are those that pass by and leave a scar of hurt. People that hurt us so badly that it's hard to forget. Whether it's someone we love, or someone we hate. Those people come and where we are most vulnerable they hit us. When they do, it hurts... a lot. After it all passes, there is still a scar there. The constant reminder of those terrible times. That time when you were hurt, confused, and alone. Good things do come of bad situations, and you coming out as a different person is almost guaranteed. It's so hard, though, to describe how difficult it is to forget, or even to describe the hurt during those times. How badly the pain seared you. So hard to explain that you are afraid of telling those closest to you what you're feeling. You forget that there are people who may not understand, but will try their hardest to understand so that they can help you. Silence doesn't help. Many times we're afraid to talk to those closest to us, but most of the time it's the greatest thing we can do.

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