Spencer Tung


"Sometimes I lactate when I'm frightened." Don't swing on a string, it's much too frail. The best kind of swing is a Tigger's tail! -Roo During Bio Review: Jensine: "Hey! Let's play tag!" -Writes 'TAG!' on my paper- Me: "...." -Writes 'AUC' underneath it- Jensine: -Stares and scribbles it out- During Bio review: Mike: -Draws a tic tac toe board- Kelvin: "What?" Me: "He's asking for your number." At home: Me: "Jorge, can you close that light for me?" Jorge: "Uh 哥..it's not 'close the light' okay?" Me: "..Hey, don't make fun of me 'cuz I'm Chinese." HMC jokes! What happens when you drop a watch into the ocean? You get TIME DILUTION!! The day physics went on strike, no work could be done. What did the photon say as it was transmitted through the beam splitter? "I'm completely UNPHASED!" During the Masquerade Ball -Julia trips on a cord- Me: "Wow, 'wire' you so clumsy?" What happens when soldiers start starving? They get a-little-ration. What did the ladder say to the guy who was trying to go sideways on the ladder? You're going the rung way! What did the Daddy Helium say to the Baby Helium who was watching TV? "Turn down the volume, I'm trying to do some work!" What can you say about a person in a painting running away from a giant snake? He's not drawn to scales!

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