Sophie Chen


Zhuang dreams himself becoming a butterfly, Flying around He thinkst this is how he should be. He forgets who Zhuang is. When he wakes up, he is Zhuang again. He doesn't know whether butterfly becomes Zhuang or Zhuang becomes butterfly. From--Zhuang "Uniformity Theory" In Spring, I made a dream and found myself become a human walking on the grass. I saw myself flying around. Rain wets my wings but makes flowers more vivid. When I was a butterfly, I don't know how happy I am. Have I met this flower before? Do the flowers born and wait for me?     Chaque papillon etait le fantome d’une fleur passe, revenant a la recherche de elle-meme Est-ce que j’ai vraiment rencontre cette fleur? Etait-elle nee pour moi? Est-ce que je vais la revoir? N’ai-je jamais eclos? I wish I could be a butterfly when I wake up.   Flying around in the most beatiful flowers.

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