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"We create beautiful shoes for women in the larger sizes because we believe every woman should own beautiful shoes regardless of her shoe size!" ~ Jacqueline.D Inspired by my ongoing frustrations of finding quality shoes in size 11 locally in Australia and armed with a desire to produce beautiful shoes in large sizes, Jacqueline.D was born in 2008. Elegance, quality & comfort is not about size. When it comes to shoes, anyone with larger feet can tell you how upsetting it is when searching for fashionable shoes to fit. The frustrating fact is that most women's shoes are cut no larger than size 10 and under, which means thousands of women are virtually ignored by the shoe industry. No one understands this better than Jacqueline.D, a unique online store dedicated to providing larger sized quality footwear in fashionable designs. We provide women with a stylish selection of shoes in sizes 10 to 14. We are passionate about designing quality shoes for the needs of our customers! We pride ourselves on our diverse range of high quality women’s shoes in the larger sizes. Each pair which carry the brand Jacqueline.D, has been delicately hand crafted to the highest quality, ensuring comfort for the larger foot. Elegance. Quality. Comfort are among the attributes that define the designs of Jacqueline.D footwear. These along with luxury and sophistication are the pillars of the Jacqueline.D brand. Elegance. We strive to ensure our designs are fashionable, unique and complimenting to the larger foot. Quality. Our shoes are handmade using only the highest quality leathers and components, allowing for durability. Comfort. Our shoes are designed with comfort in mind to ensure the best possible support for your feet. Step in Confidence! We know women want shoes that look great and feel just as good. At Jacqueline.D, we will have you walking with your head up high and best foot forward, regardless of your shoe size.

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