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About Us was formed in 2009 with a team of very successful and proven industry experts focused on delivering the best values in web hosting and .SO domains. With the growing on-demand for affordable hosting and social media domain name (.SO), the company set out to deliver the best web hosting at a price where small and medium sized businesses and professionals could afford to have their piece of the World Wide Web and promote their products and services. What does Eurosom do? What does Eurosom do? We get this question very often! To answer, we are a dedicated .SO domain and cloud web hosting provider. We do not provide all domain name extensions in the market but we offer low cost .SO domain names including .SO. .COM.SO .NET.SO and .ORG.SO. Why SO? .SO domain is the only domain name registrar that suits social media needs. No one can deny the power of social media. To become successful in online business, you need a strong social media presence. At Eurosom we host and promote .SO domains. If you think social media is important for your business or you’re social, .SO will lead you towards a successful social media marking campaign. Get your first social media marketing domain name in just 7 seconds and start promoting your business with a social media friendly domain. Why Eurosom hosting? At Eurosom we offer three different hosting packages and we believe that our pages can help any small or medium sized website. Our cloud based online presence will help you with faster page load times and extra security with a 99.99% up time. Why do you need to spend excess money if you can get affordable cloud hosting? At Eurosom we don’t have hidden fees. If you like a friendly and dedicated team that can speak English/Somali/Arabic and need help selecting a web hosting plan, a domain, or have SEO questions then we’re the perfect match. Contact us today at +44(0)20 7993 5953. We’d love to help!

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