Skye White


"I would marry you tomorrow in a potato sack dress in the middle of a rainstorm if it meant that I would get to spend the rest of my life with you." -License to Wed "Both yer parents white?"- Grandpa *Confused face* "Um, yeah?" - Remington "The British are coming the BRITISH are coming... quick grab the vodka the BRITISH ARE COMING!!!... WAIT... false alarm" -Me, Remington, and Caitlin "Wakey wakey!" -Sacha "Make a sexy time!" -Borat "I don't wanna get eaten by a shark!" -Me "Sharks only come up if they smell blood" -Caitlin "I"M ON MY PERIOD! 8-l" -Me *Caitlin falls over and dies laughing* "If you're a bird, I'm a bird!"-Me *we hold hands and walk into the water* "Brawk! *flaps wings*"-Caitlin "SKYE HELP! I'M GONNA GET BEARD BURN!"-Caitlin "Kumkwat.. He came in her twat!" -Remington "We haven't hung out in like 23454875345346 years!"-Me "I KNOW! It's like.. we were dinosaurs and we evolved into people and we haven't hung out since we were dinosaurs" -Sean "Boys! Can't live with 'em.. Can't shoot 'em!" -Kobi's Mom "Well he's extra Z-snap today!" -Caitlin "You shouldn't swear to God, and I think you're gay!" -Rankin "*Zip* DAYUM!! AUGHYUHHHH!!!!!!!!" -Me and Rem! "I'm gonna kick your ass.. All ten acres of it!" -Casey to Remington "On the rag.. What's that?" -Annie sitting on Rem's lap "It means you're on your period" -Me "Oh... I'm on a fag!" -Annie "I got a blackberry.. It's pretty awesome. My life is not a black abyss any more.. It's a blackberry abyss" -Remington "It's like a Christmas cancer cantata!" - Rem "KILL MYSELF!"

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