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"Solider, War, Grrrrrr" -Keira. "I can't sleep unless my crap is next to me" -Keira "Keira going ghetto is freakin hilarious!" -Dana "You wanna be my rape buddy??" -Keira (To Corey Hudson) "He's strippin'! He's still strippin'! How many more pants do you have on???" -keira "I find the fact that you broke up with her super sexy...If you two ever make up and get back together, call me if there's room for one more."" -Max "Hey Brittany, your boyfriend's gay. Go down to see him." - Dana (Dana to Keira and Brit) "Well, there was Jon, Jacob....." "Jingleheimer Schmidt" - Keira "I'll just be an epic person with a brush in their hair" -Keira "OMG keira and I soo look alike we're even almost sitting in the same position! Both our heads are tipped and expect for the skin colors, the nose, lips, and cheek bones we're twins!!" -Dana (To Brit and Dana) "I would rather be single then to go out with nerds" -Keira "I'mma Diva, I'mma I'mma a diva...." -trips over shoes and gets up- "I'm still a diva" -Keira -Brit hits Max on the head- "Coulda had a V8" -Keira Keira talking to Brit: "Hey Britt, go get me a towel." "Okay, why?" "I was just shoved in the pool with my clothes on and I'm wet and getting a little cold, that's why." (To myself half asleep) "If that girl doesn't stop giggling I'mma make Chuck Norris come and shove his foot in her mouth" -Keira Part of a conversation with Dana and Keira: "So, yeah, then Jon--" - Dana "Who?" - Keira "Oh, sorry, Bob." - Dana "OH. Okay, continue." - Keira "I've put at least 8 packs of sugar in this, and it's STILL not sweet! Why?????" - Keira (To Nathan) "What's up with you and the color purple?" -keira "What's up with you and the color blue?" -Nathan "I'm....not wearing blue" -keira (To Dana) "Jon's your ho and you're his pimp" -Keira "Is your flute section hot?" - Random drunk guy during the parade "Micheal if I see horse crap I'mma push either you or Brit over it" -Keira (To me) "I'm not white I'm albino black dangit!!" -Dana That giant thing in my throat? I don't think that's gonna work. -Joshua Now I know what it is that I'm touching That's what she said. - Dana and Joshua Awe her health healed this is gonna suck again - Joshua That thing will eat you so bad - Joshua Wow on my knees really?? -Joshua Dana y won't u die?? -Keira Dude you're blocking it with a sword - ??? Take it with ur sword brittany - ???? Dana is it really that big?? -Maddie Man that mouse don't play -Joshua Ike is pimpin Yeah he's a slow pimp too - Keira & Joshua Air five! Oh wow three way -Brittany That time we were playing in the rain and we lost all our balls Yeah that was fun - Keira Katen put his tuba on my clarinet so my clarinet went inside it. "Jon (a.k.a Bob) wants to have a 3 way with snow white and santa" - Emily

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