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SALON POLICY I   Our policy is built around three "C"s principles: care, clean, calm.   CARE: the most important function of any salon is their customer care. that's why at  "SISTER'S NEW LOOK" our TEAM will assess your hair in order to make sure that we provide the most care possible for your individual needs.   CLEAN: because cleanliness and proper sanitary conditions are essential to a successful hair salon . at SISTER'S NEW LOOK we promise that every visit, at every hour of the day , our salon is held to the highest standards of hygiene.   CALM: at  SISTER'S NEW LOOK we believe when you visit our salon it should be a pleasant experience. therefore we make every effort to ensure that it is a relaxing environment that doesn't compromise on your hair care needs. At SISTER'S NEW LOOK this is what we believe in. At SISTER'S NEW LOOK you are our first priority and we take that responsibility very seriously! we want you to feel welcome  and relaxed the moment you walk in, we work hard to be the freshest and most innovative "AFRICAN HAIR BRAIDING SALON" IN Atlanta BY CONSTANTLY LOOKING ' OUTSIDE  THE BOX" in order to  make sure that at the end of your visit, you are nothing less than completely satisfied We guarantee  our service and we  value your time by not making you wait endless hours.

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